What to Expect at 12 Week Transformation Challenges?

If you are not fully satisfied with your level of fitness or health and if you are not very happy with the way you look, then 12 Week Transformation Challenges are your best bet.

It is definitely not a big deal for you to get back in shape and maintain yourself. It is simply a matter of choosing an effective and motivating fitness program that emphasizes on healthy and nutritious diet.

You could participate in one of the most fascinating 12 Week Transformation Challenges, as you could find some like-minded people here eating 1 meal a day and the ambiance is just right to inspire you to achieve your fitness goals before anyone else does and win the challenge.

12 week transformation

True Dedication and Commitment Is the Mantra

You can transform your body anytime if you have the willingness to and true dedication. No matter what your reason, with total commitment and devotion you can win the challenge. You may be interested in losing your weight, toning up, changing your food habits, improving your level of fitness or training for some special event.

Always remember that you can achieve your fitness goals with body transformation challenges that involve eating right, doing fat-burning exercises, and staying connected with like-minded people.

Once the challenge is complete, you would be in a great shape as by then you would have shed loads of unsightly body fat. You would be inspired and advised at every step of the way because if you transform your body you would be counted as a success story and your story would be used to pull in more weight loss aspirants.

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Nutritious Food All The Way

You would be taught about the importance of good nutrition. You would acquire adequate knowledge about what kinds of foods to eat or what to avoid, when to eat and kinds of food that help in nourishing your body and kinds that may potentially harm your health.

You get nutritious meal plans comprising easy to prepare, delicious homemade meals that would assist you in attaining your weight loss objectives and goals. You would be provided with excellent recipes that help you achieve your fitness goals.

Super Flexibility Makes It a winner

The body transformation challenges help you to attain your fitness goals very quickly. This is simply because these fitness programs are designed in such a manner that you are free to attend any class at any convenient location at any particular time as per your convenience.

This way you do not miss any session and stay on the right track toward attaining your fitness goals and winning the challenge.

Cost-effective Fitness Program

You may not worry about exorbitant fees to regain your shape and fitness. These body transformation challenges are unbelievably cheap as the focus is on drawing in more and more people and helping them to achieve their fitness goals.

Best Choice for the Tremendously Unfit

Some people are pretty callous about their health and fitness. However, one fine day they realize that they need to lose weight to minimize health risks. 12 Week Transformation Challenges are supposed to be best for those who have never exercised and who are really unfit.

This is the right thing for them as they can identify and bond with other like-minded participants. They are immensely inspired to win the challenge. This keeps them motivated all through the challenge to achieve their fitness goals.

Choosing a Boot Camp

Joining a fitness RB boot camp is more economical than engaging a personal trainer and lets you enjoy the group dynamics and fellowship. However, since there has been a virtual explosion of fitness camps in recent years, it is necessary for you to be circumspect when making your selection of a RB boot camp, as otherwise not only would you not achieve your fitness goals but waste your money.

The Convenience Factor

Going to the fitness camp is a repetitive activity and you would need to find out if the distance, route and timing is convenient as otherwise after the first few weeks of initial enthusiasm, you will be cooking up excuses for not attending. Find out if the camp location is on your way to the office or your kids’ school as then you can time your sessions appropriately to save unnecessary trips. Find out if there are multiple time slots so that you can select one that suits you the best.

RB boot camp

The Credentials Factor

Always keep in mind that you will derive the best benefits if the routine is conducted properly and professionally. Do not be embarrassed to enquire about the qualifications of the trainer and how much experience he has. Also find out whether the trainer has kept his certification valid by earning the requisite continuing education credits as specified by Fitness Australia. Remember an over-qualified trainer can be as bad as an underqualified one, so find out the trainer’s exposure to normal people like you.

The Walk-The-Talk Factor

Judge for yourself if the fitness camp trainer you are talking to looks like and behaves like a professional trainer. Avoid trainers who themselves are obviously past their prime and are unfit, behave aggressively or seem to be casual and not too worried about meeting the fitness goals of his class-members. Ask yourself if you find the trainer and his behaviour inspirational because you need to really have confidence in him for your workouts to be effective.

The Evaluation Factor

See if the trainer is willing to spend enough time with you individually to evaluate your physical and mental profile, as well as understand your fitness goals. It is best to avoid trainers who are obviously disinterested in the motivation of their clients, as then he is unlikely to alter his set routine to accommodate any of your special requirements. Find out how the exercises will progress so that you can be confident of achieving your fitness goals after a specific time period.

The Technique Factor

Find out if the RB boot camp trainer’s techniques includes and focuses on building metabolic resistance and cardio as the combination is regarded to be the most effective for burning fat that is among the top fitness goals of participants. A good boot camp trainer will also educate his clients about the importance of correct diet and nutrition as well as provide a guide on eating right. Most importantly, any RB boot camp worth considering should be able to offer you free trial sessions to help you decide on how suitable it is for you.

How the Wrong Diet Can Affect Your Metabolism?

One of the reasons most people find it difficult to lose excess weight or get toned after years of avoiding a regular exercise regime is due to bad diets. First off, a proper exercise regime needs to be put in place in order for you to stay fit, improve your metabolism and burn calories.

Bondi trainers can help you achieve this. The right exercise regime will largely depend on your present physical state and fitness goals. However, you also need to follow a proper diet to improve your metabolism, if you do not, your metabolism may get affected, here’s how.

Low Energy Levels

By eating sugar rich foods or carbohydrate rich foods too often, you will feel a temporary surge in your energy levels and then suddenly start feeling very lethargic. If you practice the wrong diet habits for years, eventually you will always feel low on energy.

It will reach a point where you start becoming lazy and don’t have the desire to do anything. Many people think at this juncture that they have a medical problem. However, with advice from Dangerously Fit Fitness Instructor and good diet, you can fix this problem. A good amount of exercise will also help you.

Bondi trainers

Lack of Activity

If you have low energy due to a wrong diet, you won’t be as active as you should. This will affect your metabolism over time and your body won’t burn as many calories as you should. You will end up putting on weight and suddenly realize that you are out of shape.

A balanced diet is the key to helping your metabolism do its work. You can consult a good dietician or personal trainer from http://www.dangerouslyfit.com.au/personal-trainer/maroubra to help you plan a proper diet regime. Team it with a proper exercise regime and you will notice drastic changes in yourself within days.

Problem Losing Weight

Once your metabolism slows down, it will be harder to burn calories as quickly as you used to. The key is to stay active, eat right and exercise regularly to keep your metabolism going. You will anyway suffer from slower metabolism as you age. But to keep it under control, the above can help.

Younger people have faster metabolism and can burn more calories. This is why teenagers get away with eating the wrong foods and not putting on weight as fast as their aged counterparts. Of course, the amount of physical activity and sports they indulge in also help.

Quick Weight Gain

Once your metabolism is affected, you will put on weight. The weight gain may even become rapid. Processed foods, foods high in saturated fats, sugar rich foods and more tend to slow down metabolism if eaten too often.

It helps to include healthy foods like fruits, pulses, nuts in your diet because these help increase metabolic activity. Your Bondi trainers will be able to give you a proper diet chart and also help you to plan a proper lifestyle so that your metabolism is under control.